Chaperone Policy

medical examination

Intimate Examinations

We will always respect your privacy, dignity and your religious and cultural beliefs, particularly when intimate examinations are advisable. 

Physical examinations will only be carried out with your express agreement and you will be offered a chaperone to attend the examination. Before undertaking any examination the healthcare professional will always explain why it is necessary and how it will be done.

Please do ask questions if you need further explanation or reassurance. 

What is a chaparone?

A chaperone is an impartial observer present during an intimate examination of a patient. They are primarily there to support you and the health professional undertaking the examination.

A chaparone will always be expected to stand where they can observe the examination.

A nurse or another member of the care team could be requested to act as a chaparone. They will always have the knowledge, understanding and competancies of the role.

When can I request a chaparone?

You may request a chaperone when making the appointment, on arrival at the surgery (please let the receptionist know), or at any time during the consultation. Please just ask.